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No Preservatives
No Refined Sugar
The Peace a Cake Grils

Meet the team behind the guiltless yum!

The Conscious women who understand healthy living and have a gift for baking delicious sweet treats

"Peace A' Cake was created out of our passion and dream to inspire the world towards a healthier lifestyle. We aspired to make delicious sweet treats using only the most wholesome and carefully chosen ingredients so they could be good for you, but indulgent at the same time. We hope you enjoy every bite of our Guiltless Yum! Veronica Menin and Vanessa Hentz, the women behind Peace A' Cake.

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What`s to LOVE about Peace a' cake

it's so much more than a sweet treat or a snack... it's a lifestyle!

We make each one of our products as if it was for ourselves, which means we use the most wholesome ingredients being all NonGMO certified, nothing artificial and NO preservatives at all! But don`t get us wrong, we make the magic happen in our kitchen and our products taste as DELICIOUS as it should be!! 

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We Are Proud Supporters of The Whole Planet Foundation

Bringing Peace to World Poverty
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