Posted on March 18, 2016 by Vanessa Hentz

With the same good energy and excitement that I would feel If I were opening the doors of my Home to a dear friend for the very first time, I welcome each and all of you to our new Website!

I have been personally thinking over and over about the best message to describe all my emotions, but I just realized this has to be released little by little as If I was savoring the most amazing Dessert…or even going through the most painful WOD - 1 rep at a time!

 It has been a long process leading to this special day…So many days and nights researching for new ingredients to create products even more in line with different nutritional aspects in trend on the Natural Food Market…E-mails, phone calls, meetings, nights awake trying to find better quality suppliers, more variety of organic ingredients, finalize the NON GMO Verified Project, thinking about the New Logo, packaging design, new Shirts…I feel like it was maybe harder than being pregnant, since I also have to share some time with my real 2 girls while working hard to restructure Peace A` Cake! And it is definitely not easy to be a mom and business woman!

I would like to invite those already connected somehow to Peace A` Cake to revisit our original line of Vegan, Gluten Free Mini Muffins and look over every detail that has changed as an attempt to give you an even better tasting product, of course, respecting our main concept of Wholesome All Natural Ingredients to create delicious and better-for-you baked goods! 


We are also so very proud of many new things being launched, giving Peace A ` Cake a better variety of products to fulfill even more nutritional needs than before! Our Muffins were modified to have more organic ingredients and to use a brand new Cassava Flour, which allowed our Double Chocolate Muffins, Double Chocolate Brownies and the decadent Sea Salt Caramel Walnut Muffin to be called VEGAN PALEO Friendly! This is all so very exciting to me, since now we can actually offer some options to the on growing GRAIN FREE community!



And for anyone that reads a little bit of what I am about to start writing quite often on this space, it will be quickly obvious that I am all about an active lifestyle and GOOD NUTRITION! This is my passion (after baking) and where I express myself as the Sports Nutritionist I am by heart! So I really needed to create a space within Peace A` Cake`s products to develop a line of products that would match my LIFESTYLE and fulfill a GAP that I identified in the market: a HIGH PROTEIN LINE! But not like most (not all of them) protein products that use either a lot of artificial ingredients to become low calorie, or are all natural but not vegan, or are vegan but not gluten free. We will have an option for all tastes, starting with the Non Vegan High Protein Muffins (made with Grass-Fed, Hormone Free Whey protein + Organic Brown Rice protein), then followed by our delicious cookies with All Natural Vegan Options. With great taste in mind I personally worked so hard on all these recipes until I got what I was looking for: all natural clean ingredients, delicious and Nutritious!

So I hope you enjoy going over all our future posts involving everything from delicious food, healthy baking, working out hard, growing a business, going nuts with my girls, being partners with my husband, traveling a lot….every - single - thing that makes me LIVE HEALTHY, LIVE FULLY and LOVE MYSELF!!

with love, 

Vanessa Hentz




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