What to EXPECT from Baked Goods that are GLUTEN-FREE & VEGAN?

Posted on November 21, 2016 by Vanessa Hentz

It is very important to us that our customers understand what our products are all about so they can set up their EXPECTATIONS the best way possible.

Do you know that Gluten provides structure and Binding to baked goods and altogether with EGGS create that FLUFFY spongy texture of a cake when you press it down and it comes right back up?

And that usually a source of fat such as BUTTER also gives muffins, brownies and cookies an extra kick on the flavor and recipes using all WHITE sugar are more likely to be less dense and more airy?

If we were looking for REGULAR baked goods, those should be our expectations. Then, Why are we setting up the same ones for Gluten-Free, Vegan (eggless and Dairy-free) products that are made with organic Coconut Sugar and organic Coconut Oil?

Peace A` Cake muffins & Brownies were created with taste and Texture in Mind but yet QUALITY of Ingredients and its combination were always our priority.

We could have chosen cheaper flours among the Gluten-Free world giving us a better texture, but none or very little Nutritional value. We could add GUM (xhantam gum, guar gum, gelatin) to all of our products improving binding and avoiding crumbling, but the reaction they can cause to most people`s digestive system is not part of what we aim for, unless a product becomes impossible to be developed without it.

We kept Dairy away to give those with sensitivities or allergies an option of a product to enjoy and this helps our shelf life as well. Eggs are not part of our recipes because we understand and care about Vegan Customers and also because our cost of production would go up even more using cage-free organic eggs.

So keep in mind that for every ingredient we decided to include in our products there is a reason and whenever we let a less nutritious option get in there it is to please a little more your taste buds with better texture and it is still a conscious choice!

When Trying Peace A` Cake`s Muffins and Brownies expect a more natural flavor of the ingredients without excessive artificial flavoring; a texture that can vary from a little firmer if products are COLD to super moist and fluffy if they are heated up for a few seconds. Muffins are not gummy or sticky and are NEVER overly sweet – but perfectly right for a treat or snack.

Why are our products different from most GLUTEN-FREE items?

Our Products are NON-GMO Verified, made with all natural wholesome ingredients, mostly Organic, without added preservatives and with Ingredients that EVERYBODY understands! We stand for a Healthier and “better-for-you” line of baked goods and we care about those with Allergy concerns making our Products DAIRY-FREE (except for Protein Line), EGG-FREE and some GRAIN FREE (PALEO) and NUT-FREE.

We are GLUTEN-FREE but we avoid using “less nutritious” STARCHY Flours as a MAIN ingredient, and source our ingredients carefully to provide a better Nutritional VALUE to our final PRODUCT.

We use REAL ingredients such as ORGANIC coconut Oil, ORGANIC COCONUT sugar, prune juice, Gluten-Free Oat Flour, Organic GF Rolled Oats, Organic shredded Coconut, Grass-Fed Whey Protein, Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein, dairy-free chocolate chips, dried fruits and Nuts.

Peace A` Cake`s muffins DO NOT USE a HIGH AMOUNT of FAT and since they are kept frozen before distribution (to extend shelf life) they might have a little dry feel if you eat them cold but they become moist and Absolutely delicious if heated up.

We measure no effort to offer you great quality products with the best taste and texture that can be achieved in a “healthier” option which is also free from most ALLERGENS.

We hope you FULLY ENJOY your LIFE and OUR Peace A` Cake Products!

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