Peace A’ Cake is not just all about making delicious healthier desserts, but we also try to engage actively in any cause from supporting equal access to food, Nutritional Education, Better relationship with Food and self-image, Animal`s Rights to offering working opportunities to those with "disABILITIES".

We believe that our society needs to learn a better relationship with food and also be educated from an early age on how to make better choices to fuel their bodies. We strongly defend Nutritional Education as a main tool for building a knowledgeable population towards an active, healthy and happy lifestyle.

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Miami Is Kind

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We are VERY Thrilled to announce Peace A` Cakes partnership with Non Profit Organization Miami is Kind, bringing Formers bakers with Autism into our New Gluten-Free Production Facility! They are young ladies and gentlemen with passion, dreams and ABILITIES that need to be given an opportunity from society to show they can be productive! They will be joining our other bakers into making Mini Muffins, Brownies and other new products about to be unveiled soon! Working with them has been amazing in many different aspects and we hope we can spread the word to show other companies that "Yes, AUTISM CAN WORK" and that LIVING HEALTHY also means Loving, caring, respecting and making others HAPPY. 

Miami Is Kind Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charity that with direct coaching education and employment, is an industrial bakery and the first factory for professionals with Autism / disABILITIES in South Florida.

Miami Is Kind started in October 2015 with two bakers and to date has hired 8 bakers that work alongside other typically developed employees at various bakeries. We are demonstrating that our employees excel at a workplace .Miami Is Kind is a self-sustainable and growing business with two product lines: Gourmet Artisan deliciously healthy Macaroons (Gluten free Dairy free and plant based) and Shortbread Butter Cookies. The key to our success is adequate instruction with partnerships with local bakery schools, a properly structured environment and lots of kindness…

Miami Is Kind also provides hands-on work skills to forty five students with Autism /disABILITIES at a public school in Miami and internships opportunities.

Depending on everyone’s interests and skills, we place them as bakers, packers, customer service representatives, or in sales and marketing programs. With our hands-on business model, some assemble the packaging while others print labels, ship the packed goods or create flyers.

Unemployment rate for persons with Autism/disABILITIES is 80-90% and 1 in every 68 persons has Autism in the U.S. After young adults with autism turn 22, their future is uncertain. Companies seldom hire adults with autism. Often adults with Autism/disABILITIES experience isolation, becoming “invisible citizens”. Not having a job impacts the person wellbeing and self-esteem. At Miami Is Kind we believe everyone has the right to work regardless if you have a disability or not. Work gives as purpose.

For a bigger impact addressing this unemployment problem in addition to employ bakers at Miami Is Kind we have started Miami Is Kind Partners Program. Our strategy is creating partnerships with other bakery business that wish to support our mission by subcontracting Miami Is Kind bakers in their operations. We are proud to announce that our first Partner is Peace a’ Cake a company that is actively helping us in our mission to “Put Autism/ disABILITIES to WORK!” Thank you Peace a’Cake for believing in our Children with disABILITIES!




Project HEAL Miami Chapter. Project HEAL (Help to: Eat, Accept, and Live) has been an official student organization at the University of Miami for over two years now. Their mission is to spread awareness about eating disorders and to promote positive body image and healthy self-esteem. In addition, Project HEAL raises money for a National Scholarship Fund, which sends motivated applicants to treatment for their eating disorders.

The Miami Chapter is hosting a “Life Is Short, Eat Dessert First" Gala on Friday, March 25th from 7-10pm at the University of Miami Student Activities Center (Ballroom East). This event will feature desserts, beverages, a raffle, silent auction and musical performance. All proceeds of this event will be donated to our national scholarship fund.

Peace a Cake is a Sponsor of the EVENT and we are donating brownies and Muffins for the attendees.

Facebook Page: Project Heal Miami
Chapter Twitter: heal_miami
Instagram: heal_miami

The Miami Chapter hosted a “Life Is Short, Eat Dessert First" Gala on Friday, March 25th at the University of Miami Student Activities Center (Ballroom East). The event featured desserts, beverages, a raffle, silent auction and musical performance. All proceeds of this event were donated to their national scholarship fund.


The mission of The Humane League, why they exist, is to reduce animal suffering by inspiring change at all levels. This sense of purpose drives every action in their unrelenting march forward for animals.

They work through an ever-expanding network of field offices across the country providing information and encouragement to help people make choices that will reduce animal suffering. This is made possible through their passionate community of committed volunteers and generous supporters.

Knowing that change is needed at all levels, we also advocate for reform at the corporate and institutional level through hard-hitting animal welfare campaigns targeting specific companies. From Starbucks to Philadelphia’s public school system to every major foodservice company, they achieve major victories that reduce meat consumption and spare millions of animals from a life of misery in cages. They bring a pragmatic, objective approach in evaluating and testing everything we do to know what works best —the head to balance our heart for the greatest impact for animals.

That’s the purpose of Humane League Labs, where they carry out direct testing to improve our vegan advocacy and education efforts. This focus on effectiveness for money spent has earned them a Top Charity recommendation four years running from Animal Charity Evaluators.

Please, get involved. Attend an event. Spread the word. Support their work. The animals need us all. And all of us can help.

Peace a Cake donated brownies + a gift basket to their Humane League’s South Florida Gala on March 05th, to celebrate 10 years of the Humane League’s efforts to reduce animal suffering.